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Indirect taxes, predominantly Value Added Tax and excise duties, are now a common subject of civil litigation. Litigation of this kind often involves a department of Government such as Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs making allegations of fraud or dishonesty against legitimate businesses and their directors.
The Commercial and Indirect Tax Fraud team at Bark & Co has an excellent reputation for successfully negotiating and litigating a wide range of disputes. We have a large team of specialist.
Areas of Expertise:
The specialisations of the Commercial and Indirect Tax Fraud Team include:
• VAT Fraud
• MTIC Fraud
• Carousel Fraud
• Knowledge/Means of Knowledge Input Tax Denial
• Invalid Invoice disputes
• Assessments of VAT and/or Excise
• Excise Diversion Fraud
• Seizure of goods upon importation
• Repayment Supplement Appeals (delayed authorisation of VAT returns)
• Default Surcharge Appeals
• Extended Verification of VAT returns
• Freezing and Restraint Orders
Our team retains litigation expertise in all the relevant forums, particularly in the VAT and Duties Tribunals and the High Court.
Current cases include high profile MTIC and Carousel fraud allegations amounting to hundreds of millions of pounds that are set to test both UK and European legislation.

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